A short reading list to cultivate crucial skills in demand

Over the last years, I came across a few books that improved the way I work. These books helped articulate ideas, interact with people, and see the world as a system. Take this list as a suggestion, which I’ll update over time. In no particular order:

Articulating Design Decisions

A book about communicating…

Three design methods for a more comprehensive practice

Designers often feel drawn to first ideas. These impulses can be short-sighted and interrupt our sense-making efforts. They throw us into the solution space too early, with a superficial understanding of the problem.

Unsurprisingly, this can lead to myopic design–narrow in vision and shallow in value. Having fallen into that…

The importance of developing empathy with internal stakeholders

We as designers invest a great deal of time understanding our customers. Who are they? What are their aspirations and frustrations? What do they feel and think and do throughout their journey? How are they valuable for the business? Questions like these help cultivate empathy.

Empathy motivates us to care…

A workflow for design specs using Sketch and InVision

If you’re designing products in a team, you’re probably pulling iterations in concurrent projects, writing documentation, exporting assets, raising feedback, fixing and reviewing, holding demos, collaborating and talking to people, etc. …

João Ramos

I’m a design lead and mentor who guides teams using systems thinking and a dash of humour. Currently @Zalando.

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