• Daniel Alvarenga

    Daniel Alvarenga

    I am a journalist at Reuters in Lisbon.

  • Skillpocket


    Meet experts near you. UPDATE: Curently scouting Berlin experts for our beta-launch next week.

  • Higino Vieira

    Higino Vieira

  • Gonçalo Guerreiro

    Gonçalo Guerreiro

    Marketing Lead @Landing_jobs. Lisbon lover. Energy geek.

  • Daniel Azevedo

    Daniel Azevedo

    Genius, unique and fantastic... the divine masterpiece. Lord of the cinema, music, sports, design, minimalism, and nature!

  • Ava Blade

    Ava Blade

  • Awwwards


    The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet, which recognize and promote the best web designers in the world

  • Julia


    Ex-Biologist, @RailsGirlsSoC Alumni 2015 / @nodeschoolbln

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